Our philosophy

Across the globe, only 9% of the plastic we use ever gets recycled. As there is no Planet B, we all should work harder to recycle more thus reducing our waste to landfill, incineration and littering.

However, recycling can use different materials and have a different impact on the environment too.

From recycling own production scrap through recycling post-industrial scrap to the most difficult task recycling household waste – which is our mission.

Good Karma changes waste into valuable product

Good Karma changes home waste into a valuable product.

Good Karma helps to reduce environmental impact using recycled materials and recycled packaging.

It is Blue Angel, Cyclos and RecyClass certified.

It gives household waste a second life by recycling it into rubbish bags.

When designing Good Karma products, we focus on:

  • premium recycled materials
  • highest possible bio content
  • recyclability
  • recycled or certified sustainable packaging
  • certification

Transparency is the key, therefore Good Karma products are certified by EuCertPlast, Blue Angel, Cyclos and RecyClass. The labels and cartons are recycled and FSC certified. Good Karma products are also fully recyclable (if such a solution is supported by local authorities).

Enviromental Vision

At Good Karma, our vision of “creating a positive choice in plastics” is defined in the following ways:

Across the globe, only 9% of the plastic we use ever gets recycled. We should work harder to recycle more thus reducing waste to landfill, incineration and littering. We believe that plastics we recycle and reuse must never be incinerated, landfilled or lost into the wider environment as litter or pollution.

Widespread plastic waste can find its way into our oceans through rivers and watercourses. Much of the plastic that finds its way into our oceans gets there from countries with underdeveloped waste management systems. By working with these communities, we can play our part in helping to reduce the wider environmental damage caused by littering.

We use recycled plastic collected by the Plastic Bank. Their social plastic helps improve people's lives by turning waste plastic into a valuable commodity. It creates a strong value chain in coastal communities improving lives and stopping the leakage of plastic into the ocean.

Across the world, 8 million tonnes of plastic leak into our oceans each year. We recycle only 9% and incinerate another 12%, with 79% being landfilled or lost into the wider environment. Only by changing our approach to the use of plastic can we start to change these statistics and have a positive impact on the world around us.

Sustainable development 

At Good Karma, we believe that keeping your home clean, safe and tidy in an environmentally friendly way should be as easy as taking the bins out.

We only use recycled plastic in our products to help reduce amount of waste and the plastic leakage into the environment.

Optimal and conscious use of available resources

Measures to protect the climate

Helping to protect the oceans and seas and ensuring the sustainable use of marine resources