Our certificates

Environmental catchphrases are very much in vogue these days. Socially responsible companies are ensuring that they do not remain mere empty declarations and that their practices are transparent while having a tangible impact on the environment. This transparency in business operations is ensured by external, independent certification bodies.

You will find these symbols on Good Karma products. Find out what they mean!


It is a comprehensive, cross-industry, non-profit initiative supporting the transition towards a future based on a circular economy model. It enhances the opportunities for reusing plastics and provides a transparent assessment of the recycled content in final products.

More information about the certificate: www.recyclass.eu


Cyclos is an internationally recognised recyclability certificate issued by Germany's largest expert bureau for the circular economy. This mark is an assurance that real household waste was used in the manufacturing process. Placed on our products, it is a guarantee that we contributed to the circular economy.

More information about the certificate: www.cyclos.de/en

Blue Angel (Blauer Engel)

“Blue Angel”, an environmental mark awarded by the German federal government for 40 years, is an independent and credible label that means compliance with strict standards for environmentally friendly products and services. As one of the oldest and best-known certifications in the world, it focuses on the processing of raw materials and the production of goods. It confirms that we care for the planet and its natural resources.

More information about the certificate: www.blauer-engel.de/en


Recognized and generally accepted in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and the UK, it is a reliable compostability label, attesting to a product's compliance with EN 13432/14995.  The certification bodies authorized by European Bioplastics (the association of European bioplastic manufacturers) to award it are TÜV Austria, TÜV Belgium, and DIN CERTCO (Germany). The seedling symbol and certificate number on the product make it easier for the consumer to decide on the purchase and disposal of the product-packaging. It states that it is fully biodegradable and compostable, i.e. it contains no heavy metals or other hazardous substances, decomposes in up to six months, and forms a plant-friendly compost.

More information about the certificate: www.european-bioplastics.org

Forest Stewardship Council®

The FSC® label means that the materials used for the product have been responsibly sourced.

We use only FSC®-certified paper to manufacture Good Karma product packaging (our license numbers are FSC® C161770 and FSC® C125117).

The Forest Stewardship Council® is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

FSC® defines standards based on agreed principles for responsible forest stewardship that are supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders.

To learn more visit: www.fsc.org