Creating a positive choice

WE AT GOOD KARMA BELIEVE that by taking small steps we contribute to great changes. That is why we started them by tackling our own matters and creating household items which help to reduce our impact on the environment.

We all have an impact on the environment. It only depends on us whether we start to look after it.

There’s no planet B

There is only one Earth, there is no other planet on which we could live. That is why it is so important that we take care of our common Home by making conscious and responsible choices.

No plastic should be considered waste, as it is a valuable resource for us to use again and again.

Good Karma’s ambition is to be a catalyst for positive change in the manufacturing and use of disposable household products, inspiring consumers to join us in our journey towards more sustainable use of plastic by indicating tangible benefits of recycled plastic.

See how we change the world for the better and do it with us.

Get to know our philosophy

Change waste into good karma

Good Karma changes waste into a valuable product. It helps to reduce environmental impact with the use of recycled materials and packaging. So, when you buy a Good Karma product you choose to support more circular economy.  

Good Karma Tie Handle 25l, 30pcs
Good Karma Drawstring 35l, 60l and 120l
Good Karma Tie Handle 75l, 15pcs Antibacterial
Good Karma Tie Handle 75l, 15pcs
Good Karma Tie Handle 75l, 20pcs Social Plastic<sup>®</sup>
Good Karma BIO 15L, 15pcs
Good Karma Recycled Aluminium Foil 20&nbsp;m and 70&nbsp;m